Our Mission

Our mission is to empower people with breakthrough science to navigate their brain health. Early detection testing is step one in our journey to stop Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s. We aim to make incurable diseases curable.

“Change the world through science.”

– Claudio Soto, CSO & CoFounder

At Amprion, we believe successful navigation of personal brain health is the new frontier in medical science—one that brings significant, positive impact in a fast growing aging world population. Our philosophy: Prevention is the secret to health and wellness. The key lies in accurate, early detection. For the first time in history, Amprion’s revolutionary discovery technology enables individuals to track all three known biomarkers associated with Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s, as well as how they evolve as the brain ages.

Our goal is to empower people with personal biometrics and collective knowledge that can help you and your doctor make informed choices for preventive brain care. We believe the combined brainpower of WE, the Internet, and our breakthrough discoveries will accelerate research and development of new approaches to quality of brain aging.

Learn more about the three biomarkers that are known so far to cause neurodegenerative diseases. Stay connected.

How Amprion Helps People

“Do good by doing well, do well by doing good.”

– Russ Lebovitz, CEO & CoFounder

We believe Prions are the bad actors that drive many yet incurable diseases. Cracking the code on Prions is the key in finding successful drugs, making the incurables curable.

Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s are our top priorities.
Meet the Scientists

Science is a Team Sport.

Amprion strives to transform scientific innovations in the lab into breakthrough applications that impact the world. Through science we hope to bring positive change to society. Team Amprion is driven by a single purpose: Create big ripples of change through small fundamental discoveries—molecule by molecule.

Meet the Team

Russ Lebovitz

Russ Lebovitz, MD | PhD
CEO, CoFounder

Claudio Soto

Claudio Soto, PhD
CSO, CoFounder

ben volrath

Ben Vollrath, PhD

luis concha

Luis Concha, PhD
Associate Director for Research and Development

Bret Holguin

Bret Holguin
Research Assistant

Christy Hui

Christy Hui


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