Meet our Head of Marketing: Christy Hui | Amprion

Meet our Head of Marketing: Christy Hui

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In this video, Christy Hui talks about her work with Amprion as she helps bring the company’s story of revolutionary science to the world. This is a desperately needed game-changer in our fight against Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s.

Meet our Head of Marketing, Christy Hui

I am working with a group of really brilliant scientists who are set to change the world with what they do. They have cracked the code on brain science, and we are really excited to discover that story and bring that story to the people. Amprion is a story of revolution. It’s a story of empowerment. Amprion’s breakthrough science is going to change the world as we know it. We want to stop Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s before we lose another generation.

Working with the scientists taught me the importance of brain health, and the need for us to understand the effects of brain aging. It is a game-changer, and I think that story, once it’s understood by people, the world will understand the importance of brain health and how that affects every single person in the world.

Learn How Amprion is Pioneering in Preventing Alzheimer’s & Parkinson’s