Meet our CSO : Claudio Soto PhD | Amprion

Meet our CSO : Claudio Soto PhD

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Meet Amprion’s CSO and top neuroscientist, Dr. Claudio Soto, speaks about what drives him as a scientist and why he cofounded Amprion.

Amprion’s CSO, Dr. Claudio Soto

(Spanish) Currently, I am a Professor at the Department of Neurology in the University of Texas Medical School in Houston. I moved in 1994 from my native country Chile, where I did all my studies. I came to New York University to do a post-doc training.

Since I remember, I was always doing experiments. My mother would yell at me because I always have insects and animals, and I was training them or dissecting them. I like to play soccer. I like my aquarium. And I like to read. I believe that you need to really see the whole picture, you know, to be able to maintain your imagination and your creativity to be able to see everything.

What inspires me, it’s what looks impossible. If you ever tell me that something is impossible, I want to resolve it. Let’s think about the most difficult thing that you can think, and let’s work on those. Change the world, change society, improve life of people. What drives me as a scientist is to help people, contribute to society. I want to know that I pass by this world, and I make a big change. You know that with my thinking, with my work, something change, for good.

Science has a lot of power. I am trying to change the world through science. And if you work hard, you can do anything you want.


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