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Alzheimer’s & Parkinson’s: A Global Health Crisis

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BrainStorm Live Episode 1: How Prevalent Are Alzheimer’s & Parkinson’s Worldwide?

Amprion’s CEO Dr. Russ Lebovitz talks about the significance of Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s worldwide health crisis. The number of people with these neurodegenerative diseases is increasing rapidly as the global population ages. It’s estimated that the number of people with these active diseases worldwide may already exceed 50 million, with countless others may already be taking the first silent steps along this path.

Development of effective treatments and early intervention will require accurate and much earlier diagnosis. Amprion is cracking the code on early detection of these long elusive, deadly diseases through its revolutionary Prion Early Detection Science℠. Early Detection of the bad actors that cause these neurodegenerative diseases is the breakthrough pathway to accelerate effective drug development for Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s. At Amprion, we are working to end Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s worldwide.

Parkinson’s & Alzheimer’s Worldwide Phenomenon

I think we can address that by saying that of the known neurodegenerative diseases, Alzheimer’s is the most prevalent. And if we take U.S. numbers, there probably are currently about five million people with active disease. Probably at least that many who may be on the path. So it may be 10 million people who could benefit from better diagnostics, and new therapies. Parkinson’s is a little less than half that, so probably a little less than two million in the United States today. And again, probably that number again at risk, or suspected of having the disease.

And if we say that the U.S. is 300 million people, and the world population is approaching three billion, now the numbers you just multiply that by 10, says 50 to 100 million people worldwide at very high risk, or suffering from Alzheimer’s. And probably half that number either suffering from, or at high risk, for Parkinson’s. In addition, there are a number of other neurodegenerative diseases recognized. Not quite as prevalent, but very well recognized that would add probably another 1/3 to that number. So we can say that we’re approaching 175 million people, today, that are at risk. And these numbers are increasing as the population worldwide ages.

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