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Amprion’s Secret Sauce: Early Detection of Prions in Alzheimer’s & Parkinson’s

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BrainStorm Live Episode 11: What is Amprion’s Secret Sauce?

Amprion’s CEO Dr. Russ Lebovitz talks about the company’s breakthrough Prion Early Detection Science℠ technology. Amprion pioneers in early detection of Alzheimer’s & Parkinson’s diseases prior to any clinical symptoms. We believe our Prion Early Detection Testing will pave an innovative pathway to reinvent drug development for successful treatments for Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s.

Early Detection of Alzheimer’s & Parkinson’s

We believe that Amprion’s secret sauce is our ability to uniquely detect at very high accuracy and very high sensitivity, the bad players in these misfolded cascade of Abeta, Tau and Synuclein. So just to recap, Abeta and Tau appear to both be misfolded in patients with Alzheimer’s disease, and it appears to be the cause of the progression of the disease. But Abeta and Tau both appear in multiple forms.

There’s the normal form of each, which functions normally in the brain, and then there are two, at least two, misfolded forms of each. One which leads in the case of Abeta to form very large insoluble aggregates, which under the microscope are called Plaque. And then also, there are invisible forms that are smaller, soluble aggregates that appear to spread from cell to cell, and this is what we believe, and many in the clinical and scientific communities now believe, this is the manifestation of the disease itself. This is the molecular basis for the disease. Same with Tau, where the very large misfolded form is in the form of what we call neurofibrillary tangles.

We have a normal form, but we have this intermediate form of small soluble aggregates. The small soluble aggregates are present in vanishingly small amounts in the brain because almost no technology allows one to be able to see these even though we know they must be there because the disease is spreading. Amprion’s key contribution, and the contribution of Dr. Soto and others who have worked in parallel with him are that we can now take the small amount of soluble aggregated misfolded protein for Abeta, Synuclein and Tau, which is impossible to see otherwise, and we amplify it.

We take one copy and amplify that to be billions or trillions of copies or more, so that you can now look at this, you can detect it, you can do structural analysis, you can develop drugs against this. And so Amprion’s secret sauce is that we look at the part of the disease that is most troubling,. The part that causes the progression, the spread from cell to cell, the recruitment of a handful of these to large numbers over time that is the actual agent of damage, irreversible damage in the brain. Amprion detects it early. Amprion can detect the extent to which it’s progressing. Amprion can determine if a drug is slowing down the progression and the spread of these particles through the brain.

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