Early Testing for Alzheimer's: Interpret Positive Results [Explainer Video]

Interpreting a Positive Result From Amprion’s Early Testing for Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s

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BrainStorm Live Episode 17: Interpreting A Positive Result From Amprion’s Early Testing

Amprion’s CSO Dr. Claudio Soto explains how to interpret a positive result of Prion Detection Testing℠ from Amprion. A positive result for either misfolded proteins of Abeta, Tau, or Synuclein strongly suggests the presence of active and progressive neurodegenerative disease. If there are not yet any symptoms, one can figure out ways to drive early intervention to delay the onset of symptoms by working with one’s physician. Changes including diet, meditation, lifestyle modifications can bring a positive impact in early intervention and health management. Further periodic testing is also recommended to enable one’s navigating through the course of the disease and making informed choices along the process with the help of one’s doctors.

Positive Results from Early Testing for Alzheimer’s & Parkinson’s

Interpretation of a positive result in the Amprion test is that the person has seeds of these abnormal proteins beginning to appear in the brain which means that with time that person most likely will develop one or the other of these diseases. Now, the time it will take it could be a long time and in the future Amprion technology is trying to be more quantitative so that we can say how long probably from now the person will go on to develop the disease.

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