Amprion's Research Efforts on Clinical Diagnosis of Misfolded Proteins

Amprion’s Research Partnerships

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BrainStorm Live Episode 18: Amprion’s Research Efforts on Clinical Diagnosis of Misfolded Proteins

Amprion’s CEO Dr. Russ Lebovitz discusses the company’s research partnerships with leading universities, regulatory authorities, medical centers, and pharmaceutical / biotech companies to apply its breakthrough Prion Early Detection Testing℠ using spinal fluid for patients whom are diagnosed with Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease.

Amprion’s Research Partnerships

So, Amprion currently is partnering with a number of universities, physicians and drug companies to look at patients with suspected disease or known disease that would be caused by Abeta, Synuclein and Tau and we are looking at the cerebrospinal fluid to validate the links between our ability to detect soluble misfolded aggregates in the disease itself. And what we are finding is a very, very high degree of correlation and when we see that there’s a discrepancy between what Amprion finds in clinical diagnosis, in a very significant number of those discrepancies it turns out that Amprion’s predictions have been correct and that the patients came down at a later time with the disease.

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