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The Nature of Prion-Related Diseases

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BrainStorm Live Episode 8: What is the Nature of Prion Diseases?

Amprion’s CSO Dr. Claudio Soto answers the question whether there is such a thing as pure Alzheimer’s disease or pure Parkinson’s disease. Through his research, Dr. Soto highlights a unique way of looking at these prion diseases. They fall on a spectrum of the disease due to the nature of Prions (aka misfolded proteins).

Amprion’s groundbreaking Prion Early Detection Science℠ enables accurate tracking of these bad actors that cause Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s. At Amprion, we believe tracking the Prions holds the key to solving many life-threatening diseases as we now gain a 20/20 vision in examining a wide spectrum of different types of Prions that drive these diseases.

By applying a molecular approach to early detection and characterization of these diseases, Amprion enables accurate early diagnosis, accelerating successful development of effective drugs for these diseases on a more personalized basis.

Diagnosing a Spectrum of Prion Diseases

This is a very interesting question whether there is pure Alzheimer’s Disease, pure Parkinson Disease or you have a spectrum of diseases. This is the complication today for clinical diagnosis with patients that have a variety of symptoms, but they may belong to a spectrum between one or the other. With Amprion’s technology we can say this person has the proteins that are part of Alzheimer’s but also some of the proteins that are involved in Parkinson’s. So we can detect all the problems at the same time.

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