Amprion's Accelerates New Alzheimer's & Parkinson's Treatment

Amprion Accelerates New Alzheimer’s & Parkinson’s Drug Development

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For the past 100 years, we’ve been flying blind with regard to Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s treatment. Despite spending over US$100 billion dollars in the past three decades in clinical trials and drug development in the US alone, there is no treatment in sight for Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s. Find out why effective drug development has been so challenging for pharmaceutical companies. Discover how Amprion’s breakthrough Prion Early Detection Science is poised to change the game in Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s drug development. Our technology enables pharmaceutical companies to develop drugs targeting the molecular defects of the disease. We believe by tracking the bad actors at the most fundamental level — the molecular level with prions / misfolded proteins — this will bring the most significant impact in developing drugs for personalized biomarker profiles. We believe prion tracking is the revolutionary pathway in finding effective new Alzheimer’s & Parkinson’s treatments. We are working hard to accelerate successful drug development for Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s.

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Amprion is Accelerating New Alzheimer’s & Parkinson’s Drug Development

In the past three decades, it is estimated over $100 billion dollars were spent in drug development and clinical trials for new Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s treatment. And yet, none of these efforts have yielded effective treatments. The key problem in this field is the lack of ability to identify patients that will respond to a certain treatment. And we believe we’ve solved this problem.

We believe we have a tool that will enable the entire field and allow for the development of new Alzheimer’s & Parkinson’s treatment. There are multiple ways that Amprion’s technology will help the drug discovery companies to develop treatments for these diseases. One way is that we can now detect early before there is substantial brain damage. This is the main reason why the clinical trial had failed. Because it’s very difficult to recover the brain when the brain has already been destroyed. The other way that we can help pharmaceutical companies is that we can help them to engage the right patients and to monitor the success of the trial by our technology.

With respect to drug development, because it’s been impossible to know who has the disease early, there’s no possibility for early diagnosis. Amprion enables early diagnosis. That allows drugs to be given earlier, where they may really have a benefit rather than late, when the damage is irreversible. So, because of that, we can help the largest and the smallest drug companies in the world develop candidates that really work, that work early. We can help them figure out who is likely to benefit, and we can help on an individual basis. Not every drug is going to work for every patient. We can match patients with drugs based on their molecular defects that we do through early diagnosis. Through our groundbreaking discovery technologies, Amprion is partnering with pharmaceutical companies, to develop effective and new Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s treatment. We help drug companies develop personalized treatments, based on individual biomarker profiles.


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