Meet our Senior Scientist: Luis Concha PhD | Amprion

Meet our Senior Scientist: Luis Concha PhD

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Meet Amprion’s senior scientist Luis Concha, who is working on the cutting edge of prion detection.

Meet Amprion’s Senior Scientist, Luis Concha

I always wanted to be a scientist. I’m a very curious person. I run experiments. I analyze data. I decide what’s next in terms of the science behind our assay.

We are all about trying to identify patients with Alzheimer’s disease or Parkinson’s disease. So our goal here is to get our assay to that point, where we can clearly identify patients. The assay is the PMCA. That’s the name of the test that we expect to run in patients or people. All the good that we can do for our society, I mean that’s really important to me. The number of people affected by these diseases is huge, not only in the US, but in the whole world. So that’s really exciting to think that we can help to improve that.

If somehow we can collaborate to get a drug or a cure, that would be really great. It’s important to learn about the mechanism of how these things work because I’m a biochemist. So for me, all these proteins and stuff, the brain, you know, for me, this is really exciting. I’m always curious to know why or how things work. With our hard work and our ideas, we can develop something that can change our society.

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